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TM280 Cable Fault Locator


DAGC (Digital Gain Automatic Control) system

Large-screen LCD color display

High-power lithium battery

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TM280 cable Fault Locator is used for automatically testing the precise location of the coaxial cable and communication cable’s broken wires, mixed wires, ground gas and related cable fault.

1) DAGC (Digital Gain Automatic Control) system: The gain can be modified digitally. Eliminate the waveform distortion caused by the potntiometer knob. It can also do pure linear adjustment, which is convenient for manual testing.
2) Digital waveform automatic recognition technology: automatically recognize the waveform that are difficult for human to determine.
3)Using ARM CPU with FPGA technology, can quickly perform various complex operations and determine fault waveform accurately.
4) Waveform comparison function, it is convenient to compare the test waveform of the fault cable and the normal cable, and clearly find the fault point location.
5) Large-screen LCD color display, humanization design of the interface menu, fast digital press button, easy for users to operate.
6) High-power lithium battery, which can be used for up to ten hours (with specialized power charger).
7) With data interface to support customers upgrade the system remotely.
3.Technical Specifications

1) Max measurement range ( Manual): 8KM
2) Max measurement range (Auto): 4km
3) Pulse width: 30ns ~ 50us
4) Pulse amplitude: 0 ~ 30V
5) Max resolution: 0.5m
6) Dead zone: 0m
7) LCD: 480 * 800 color screen
8) Battery: 4400mAH lithium-ion battery
9) Power Consumption: 1W
10) Weight:0.4kg
11) Dimensions: 190*84*52mm
12) Working temperature: -15℃~+45℃
13) Storage temperature: —20℃-+55℃