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TM2000 Pipeline & Cable Fault Locator


Receiving sensitivity: ≤30nA

Router and depth mode: 480Hz ± 2 Hz

Induction mode: 30KH z

Power source: 12VDC 4.5AH in the Ni-MH battery

Working hours: 15 hours (normal condition)

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TM2000 Pipeline & Cable Fault Locator is designed for the Underground utilities route locating, the depth measuring and disatance tracing.

Receiving sensitivity ≤30nA
Router and depth mode 480Hz ± 2 Hz
Induction mode 30KH z
Power source 12VDC 4.5AH in the Ni-MH battery
Working hours 15 hours (normal condition)
Power loss <1W
Biggest test burying depth 4.5 meters
Peak output power 10W
The test burying depth error ≤0.06h ± 5cm (*H* is pipeline burying depth)
Test insulation resistance value ≤ 30MΩ
The test route error ≤ 5cm (normal condition)
Operating temperature -15 ℃ ~ +45 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~ +70℃
Output wave shape sine wave

n Used to locate the trace and depth of all kinds metallic
n pipe,on/off power cable identification
n Right/wrong indication: patented clamp detecting to show result
n Easy grounding fault locating
n Automatic depth and current detection
n Historical curve record,show the changes directly
n Excellent anti-interference ability
n High power output.Max 10w,four grades,easy operate
n Automatic impedance matching and protection

n Detect the underground cable and pipeline
n Measure the depth of underground cable and pipeline
n Determine the insulation degree of underground cable and pipeline
n Will not touch the transmission signal of underground cable and pipeline