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TM800H Handheld Cable Fault Locator


Pulse amplitude: 30V

Pulse Width: 80ns-5μs; automatic regulation

Dead zone: 1m

Gain adhjustment range: 100-300m/μs

Display: 128*64 lattice LCD

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TM800H Handheld Cable Fault Locator adopts TDR (Time Domain Reflection), new signal process and data collection technology. It can locate the distance of cable break and mix faults accurately.
TM800H can be widely used in the communication installation, maintenance and general 
wiring. It can troubleshoot not only the local Telco-cable, but also Network cable. Its high sampling rate makes the measurement dead zone as narrow as 1 meter. This makes it a straightforward,
 user-friendly test solution. 
It is the ideal tool for a field technician installing and maintaining all kinds of communication 
Measurement range 0-8km
Resolution 1m 0-125m
  2m 125-250m
  4m  250-500m
  8m 500-1km
  16m 1km-2km
  32m 2km-4km
  64m 4km-8km
Pulse amplitude 30V
Pulse Width 80ns-5μs; automatic regulation
Dead zone 1m
Gain adhjustment range 100-300m/μs
Display 128*64 lattice LCD
Power Suppy 6*5aa batteries or Ni-MH battery
Dimensions 225mm*105mm*50mm
Weight 0.42kg(without batteries)
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