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TM520 Cable Locating Device


Precision of locating high-resistance fault: < =0.2m

Precision of path test: < =0.2m

Precision of locating low-resistance fault: < =2m

Power loss: 1.5w

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Coordinating with high-voltage signal generator, test sound and magnet simultaneously, locate high-resistance and arc-over fault of the power cable. While fixing the fault point, the instrument can test the cable path as well.
Coordinating with audio-frequency signal generator, test audio frequency induction, locate low-resistance fault, and identify the cable and test the depth of it.

n Has complete function and performance, can locate various cable faults and fix the cable path.
n Has high test precision, errors of the path survey and location of the high-resistance fault are not bigger than 0.2m, error of the low-resistance fault is not bigger than 2m.
n The instrument has two work modes: sound & magnet synchronized and audio induction, which use two different probe heads. After changing the probe heads, the instrument can automatically switch work mode.
n Synchronously receive the magnetic field and sound signals sent out by the discharging cable fault, has strong anti-disturbance capability.
n Fix the signal’s delay time between magnetic field and sound with cursor, then in turn fix the distance of the fault point.
n Survey method takes waveform recognition primarily, assisted with headphone monitoring, can eliminate the hearing errors and operator not easy to be weary.
n The magnetic field and sound signal’s waveform can be displayed on large LCD monitor, waveform to be intuitive and easy to be identified.
n Charge with high performance rechargeable lithium battery, charge of the battery is through intellectualized and automatic management. The battery can work for over eight hours constantly after fully charged, and can switch off automatically.
n Simple and continent operation, with beautiful outlook and has portability.


Precision of locating high-resistance fault < =0.2m
Precision of path test < =0.2m
Precision of locating low-resistance fault < =2m
Power loss 1.5w
Input voltage of the battery charger( AC) 220V±10%
Output voltage of the battery charger (DC ) 9.1V
Temperature range -10~40℃
Volume (mainframe) 210mm*115mm*125mm
Quality (mainframe) 1.5Kg