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T-980 Power Cable Fault Locator


1.The 480*800mm large screen true color display screen can be clearly distinguished in the sun.

2.With its own data interface, it supports remote upgrade of customers.

3.The use of ARM CPU and FPGA technology can quickl

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The T-980 cable fault locator is mainly used to locate the breakage, short circuit, and ground leakage faults of high and low voltage buried power cables within 10KV (the insulation resistance to ground is less than 0.5 megohms) and the depth of buried cables. Detection of the path direction.
It is suitable for street lamp cable maintenance, farmland irrigated ground cable fault investigation and repair, residential property and landscaping belt buried armored iron sheet power cable, field power cable, highway, factory and mining enterprises, iron tower communication base station direct-buried power supply cable fault investigation and other industries.
Three-channel design:
1 Length test: It can directly test the length of the cable disconnection and short-circuit fault distance in the power-off state.
2 Full-band channel: Use a probe to test the location of the minor leakage fault of the directly buried low-voltage cable to the ground under the power state. It is a powerful tool to shorten the troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of line maintenance personnel.
1. The 480*800mm large screen true color display screen can be clearly distinguished in the sun.
2. With its own data interface, it supports remote upgrade of customers.
3. The use of ARM CPU and FPGA technology can quickly and accurately determine the fault waveform.
4. Waveform comparison function, especially suitable for testing and positioning of low-end voltage faults caused by oxidation at a certain point of the line.
5. The concise corresponding function keys are easy to learn and intuitive and convenient.
6. High-energy lithium battery, the use time can reach 6-8 hours.
7. The annunciator comes with a multimeter function to facilitate testing of voltage resistance and insulation.

Measurement range 8km
Testing blind point <10m
Test resolution 0.5m
Pulse Width 96ns-10μs automatic adjustment
Test method Automatic and Manual
Leakage, path location
Leakage fault Leakage insulation resistance range 0-0.5MΩ
Testing accuracy ≤ ± 1m
Cable depth ≥3 m
Detection range 8000m
Path accuracy ≤0.2m
Signal generator (true color display)
Signal output 512Hz/1KHz adjustable
Multimeter function AC and DC voltage, insulation resistance, cable loop resistance
Dimension 220*160*90(W*D*H,mm)
Weight 2kg