TM590 Optcal Multimeter ( OPM+OLS)


Wavelength: 800nm~1700nm

Detector type: InGaAs

Measurement Range: -70~+10dBm or -50~+26dBm

Calibration Wavelength: 850nm,1300nm,1310nm,


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1. Introduction:
TM590 series Fiber Optic Multimeter is a newly designed tester, which integrates the optical power meter and optical light source function in one unit. 
It  can separately work as power meter or light source; or simultaneously work as power meter and light source together.
2. Features
Ø  Integrates the optical power meter and optical light source function in one unit.
Ø  User Self-calibration Function
Ø  Relative power measurement dB.
Ø  Rechargable lithum battery with big capacity of 1500mA  ,can work continuously
for 150 hours after fully charged ,
Ø  Lower power indicator
Ø Auto-off function 
Ø  LED Backlight Display Selection
Ø  Backlight function
Ø  OPM: FC/SC Changable conenctors,OLS: FC orSC connector
3. Specifications

Optical Power Meter :
Wavelength(nm) 800~1700
Detector type InGaAs
Measurement Range (dBm) -70~+10 -50~+26
Uncertainty (dB) ±5%
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625
Resolution (dB) Linearity (dB):0.1%
Logarithmic power display:0.01dBm
Operating Temperature(°C) -20~+70
Storage Temperature(°C) -30~+80
Auto-off function(min) 5
Working Time (h) 150(Only OPM)
Dimensions(mm) 175×79×40
Power Supply 3.7V  1500mAH。
weight(g) 260

3.2 Optical Light Source

Detector type FP-LD
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 850/1300nm , 1310/1550nm 
Connector type FC(SC/ST optional)
Output Power(mw) ≥-15dBm@850/1300nm
Stability (dB,30mins@20°C) ±0.04@20℃
Frequency Identification Range CW/270Hz/1KHz/2KHz
Fiber Type SM,MM