TM263 Optical Power Meter & VFL


Self Calibration

Set the Auto Off

Stable VFL Output

USB Charge port

FC,SC Connector

18650Li-ion Battery

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◇ Self Calibration
◇ Set the Auto Off
◇ Wavelength Memory function after turn off the tester
◇ High Accuracy, high ,High sensitivity, high linearity
◇ Stable VFL Output
◇ USB Charge port
◇ FC,SC Connector
◇ 18650Li-ion Battery
◇ Lower power consumption design, long standby time
◇ Rubber Out shell, increased the protective properties for field work 


Optical Power Meter Detector Type InGaAs
Optical Connector SC/FC & 2.5mm Universal
Calibrated Wavelengths 850,1300,1310,1490,1550,1625 nm
Measurement Range  -50~+26dBm or -70~+10dBm
Accuracy ±0.2 dB
Power Measurement Linearity ±0.1 dB
Display Resolution ±0.01 dB
Power Display Units dBm,dB, mW, uW
Visual Fault Locator Output power 1mW/10mW/20mW/30mW
Range 12-km@SM
Connector SC/FC/ST & 2.5mm Universal
Laser safety rating Class 2
Wavelength 650nm±20nm
Output modes Continuous (CW),2-3 Hz pulse
Reverse battery protection Yes
Others Power Supply 18650 Li-ion battery
Auto Off 10 minutes
Working time >200hours(only OPM Work)
≥50hours(10mW VFL & OPM Work meanwhile)
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
Weight 250g
Dimensions 160*75*10mm


Optical Power Meter
                  TM263A: -70~+10dBm
                    TM263C: -50~+26dBm
Fault Locator
                  TM263X-V1: 1mw VFL(1-5KM
X: A or C
                    TM263X-V10: 10mwVFL8-10KM
X: A or C
                    TM263X-V20: 20mw VFL12-15KM
X: A or C
                    TM263X-V30: 30mwVFL(15-25KM
X: A or C

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Maintenance CATV
Test Lab of Fiber Optic
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