TM301 Optical Fiber Identifier


Universal connector and metal material

Efficient identification without interrupting the normal work

H0.25 to test bare fibers, ¢0.9/¢2.0/¢3.0 pigtail

Beep prompt function

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TM301 Optical Fiber Identifier (Live Fiber Detector) is an essential instrument for the installation and maintenance of optical fiber projects. It can easily detect any spot of SM fiber cables. Through inserting a 1310 or 1550 modulated signal into the fiber, it is used to indicate the direction of the transmitting signals, find and locate the specific fiber without interrupting the normal work during the installation, cabling and maintenance.

Type TM301A TM301B
Identified Wavelength range (nm) 800~1700nm
Detector InGaAs
Identified Signal Type CW、270Hz、1kHz、2kHz
LED Optical Power
Detection sensitivity -40dBm
Adapter Type ¢0.25 to test bare fiber , ¢0.9 ribbon, ¢2.0/3.0 pigtail
Insertion Loss ¢0.25~¢ 0.9: 0.1dB
  ¢2.0~¢2.5:  0.5dB
  ¢2.5~¢3.0:  1.0 dB
Signal Direction Left & Right LED
Power Supply AAA 1.5V (2pcs batteries)
Operating Temperature (c ) -10~50
Storage Temperature(c ) -20~70
Weight (g) 210 

Telecommunications engineering
Optical Fiber CATV
Generic cabling system
Production and research of optical components
Compact size, universal connector and metal material
Efficient identification without interrupting the normal work.
H0.25 to test bare fibers, ¢0.9/¢2.0/¢3.0 pigtail
Display the direction and level of the transmitting signal
Beep prompt function
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