TM315N Visual Fault Locator ( VFL)


Constant & stable output power

Long battery life

Operates either in CW or Pulsed

Pocket size and light weight, easy to use

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The TM315N Economical VFL is an efficient and low cost basic fiber test tool, it provides a visible way to find fiber faults and identify fibers in an optical network during and after installation.

Type TM315N Economical VFL
Central Wavelength 650nm±10nm 
Emitter Type FP-LD
Output Power  1mw or 10mw
Optical Connector FC/2.5mm universal connector For 1.25mm connectors, FC (Male)-LC (Female) convertor can be optional on customer requests 
Operating Model Both CW and Pulse(2Hz) available 
Power Supply  Two AAA alkaline batteries 
Battery Operating Time  40hours. Test with Panasonic LR6 AAA  ALKALINE battery 
Operating Temperature -10~+60 (℃) 
Storage Temperature -25~+70 (℃) 
Dimension (mm)  100*30*18
Weight 37g
lFinding the breakpoint, poor connections, bending or cracking in fiber optic cables.
lFinding the faults of OTDR dead zone
lEnd-to-end visual fiber identification
1.   Constant & stable output power
2.   Special laser driver circuit design, to make sure the laser output power remains a constant power level as long as in an available battery voltage.
3.   Low battery warning, reminds users to change the battery timely.
4.   Long battery life(up to 40 hours with AAA batteries)
5.   Operates either in CW or Pulsed
6.   Pocket size and light weight, easy to use
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