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SLM-5870 Signal Level Meter


Compact, light-weight, easy to carry

With dual-channel measurement display

Channel and single frequency mode

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SLM-5870 Signal Level Meter is an instrument used for the construction and maintenance of analog TV / digital TV, and the measurement of TV signal level and power level. It is widely applied in the routine maintenance of the CATV system. SLM-5870 Signal Level Meter is compatible to both analog / digital channels, with strong comprehensive performances; it employs high brightness backlight operating modes, with clear LCD screens, dual-channel measurement display, so it is convenient and pragmatic; besides, numeric keypad input allows it easy to operate; SLM-5870  is a compact, small light-weight portable signal level measuring.

Model No SLM-5870
Frequency scope 5~870MHz
Channel U.S. Standard Channel USA STD-CATV
U.S. digital standard channels USA STD-CATV
Frequency accuracy +50 * 10E-6 (20 oC +5 oC)
Level measurement
Measuring range 30dBuV ~ 120 dBuV
Measurement accuracy +2dB (20 oC +5oC)
Resolution 0.5 dB
Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement
Measuring range 20dB ~ 50 dB
Signal input range >=85dBuV
Measurement accuracy + 3dB (20oC +5oC)
Channel scan 150
Voltage measurement
Input range 1 ~ 100V (AC / DC)
Measurement accuracy +2V
Resolution 1V
Power supply
battery 7.2V/1500mAH rechargeable battery
AC Supply: AC 90V-220V 50Hz-60Hz
Working time 6h
Charging time 3h
 A test instrument applicable for the maintenance of CATV (Analog, Digita measurement,TILT)system
 Compact, light-weight, easy to carry
 With dual-channel measurement display, it is convenient and pragmatic
 Able to measure  MER, BER Signal Level,Channel Power,V/A,C/N,FM,Trunk Voltage
 Channel and single frequency mode
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Model No Main Parameter
SLM-5870   5-870MHz MER, BER, Signal Level, Channel Power, A/V,  C/N, FM,  Trunk Voltage